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The True Facts about the Fictitious “Missing Link” Ida That Darwinists Never Mention

A few days ago the Darwinist David Attenborough came up with a claim regarding a striking discovery(!). According to that claim, the fictitious missing link in human evolution was missing no longer! The fact is, however, that the fossil Ida, depicted as an extraordinary discovery in special broadcasts and publications, is in fact an extinct lemur.

Attempts have been made to use wide-ranging propaganda to launch the fossil Ida as the “ancestor of man” on various web sites such as those of ABC, BBC, Science Daily and the Guardian. In this propaganda all Darwinist publications were agreed that this was the fossil that everyone had been awaiting but that had never to date been found. But all that was found was nothing more than an exceptionally well preserved fossil lemur. So with what claims did Darwinists launch this fossil lemur, discovered in Germany and estimated to be 47 million years old?

The only reason for the Darwinist speculation about the fossil was WHAT IS NOT IN IT! The fossil belonged to a lemur, but had slightly different teeth and claw structures to those of present-day lemurs. It therefore represented an extinct species of lemur that once lived in the past. That was the basis for all the Darwinist clamor.

This animal, 95% preserved and with even its internal organs fossilized, was a perfect life form. It had not a single semi-developed, deficient or redundant structure. It is therefore impossible to regard it as a transitional form. Nonetheless, the Darwinist media made a huge fuss out of depicting this perfect fossil as a transitional form. Science Daily described the fossil as “extraordinary.” Sky News went even further and described the fossil as the “eighth wonder of the world.” The Darwinist David Attenborough said “The link they would have said until now is missing … it is no longer missing.” By making that statement, Attenborough was in one sense admitting the invalidity of the skulls that have for years been portrayed as missing links in the imaginary evolution of man. His error was to imagine that this perfect fossil lemur was the ancestor of man.

Even some Darwinists looked askance at all this furor. Darwinist Henry Gee, editor in chief of Nature magazine, openly stated that it was misleading to refer to this creature as a “missing link.” And that statement has been carried in all the Darwinist references reporting the story.

The picture that emerged while all this clamor was being made revealed the following reality to the entire world: THE PITIFUL SITUATION DARWINISTS FIND THEMSELVES IN. Aware of the hopeless position they were in, Darwinists made themselves even more pitiful by taking an extinct lemur fossil and saying it represents “a forebear of man.”


Ninety percent of the species that have lived on Earth are extinct. THERE ARE 99 SPECIES OF LEMUR, 16 OF WHICH ARE EXTINCT. Newly discovered fossils raise the number of extinct species. A great many extinct species have also disappeared entirely.

Darwinists have never mentioned the following facts, out of a fear of the truth about this fossil they have speculated so much over eventually coming to light:


1.    The fossil is 95% complete. It has therefore been possible to examine its every detail, including the animal’s internal organs. And apart from a few details pointing to variations unique to individual species, IT IS A PERFECT SPECIES OF LEMUR.

2.    Darwinist publications have claimed that Ida has an opposable thumb, and that this feature is different to that in other mammals but the same as that in humans. The fact is that all living lemurs have thumbs of this kind.

3.    In the same way, Darwinists have tried to point to Ida’s nails as evidence for their claims. But other primates also do have nails.

4.    Darwinists maintain that Ida’s ankle bone “is the same as that in human beings.” But the other foot structure in this life form is entirely different to that in humans. Comparing one single bone in the feet while ignoring all the other differences is a familiar element of Darwinist propaganda.

5.   Darwinists say that the fossil, different from present-day lemurs, does not have fused teeth in the middle of its bottom jaw or a grooming claw, and seek to use these as evidence for their claims. The fact is that the animal’s teeth resemble those of monkeys. The lack of a grooming claw, on the other hand, is a feature unique to the species. The absence of these characteristics from an extinct lemur exhibiting variations peculiar to the species is not evidence that the creature evolved. It is in no way evidence that this animal is “the imaginary ancestor of man.” Its teeth and toes are perfect. It exhibits no features that are in the process of evolving, semi-developed, deficient or abnormal.

6.    The fossil was actually discovered in 1983. It has taken 26 years for this huge sensation to break. The reason for the long delay is probably that the fossil is being used as a vehicle for conjecture just when Darwinists need it the most, when they have been totally routed. From having been kept as an ordinary fossil lemur, it suddenly became the greatest discovery Darwinists had ever made.

All the Darwinist speculation around this fossil is based on the totally unscientific idea that “this characteristic resembles man.” Of course life forms resemble one another. But this is no proof of the lie of evolution. Instead of depicting similarities as evidence for the fiction that is evolution, Darwinists need to bring a real transitional fossil, and point to deficient but developing, semi-developed or abnormal structures in it. But it is impossible for them to do that. Because, like all other life forms, this lemur was created from nothing and in a perfect state by our Almighty Lord. And the fossils prove that.


Ida is the clearest example of how any fossil can be distorted by Darwinists and DEPICTED AS THE ANCESTOR OF MAN by way of fraud and deception. The furor that has arisen about this fossil is just the latest and freshest example of the rotten foundations of Darwinist propaganda, which we have been describing for a very long time. Darwinists still imagine that they can deceive and mislead people as they please when they engage in intensive speculation about a fossil. The fact is, however, that people are now perfectly well aware of the false methods used to further Darwinist propaganda. They have therefore immediately realized that a perfect fossil lemur depicted as the “forerunner of man” is just another component of this false propaganda.

The conclusion to be drawn from Ida is that Darwinists are in a terrible state of despair. Darwinist scientists have had to remove from the literature all the fossils they once declared to be “missing links” as they are all frauds, and are now shamelessly espousing yet another such fraud. NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM, of which there should be trillions according to Darwinism, EXISTS. Nobody believes in this fraud any more. Darwinists must now admit that their perverse theory has now come to the end of the road, and finally been buried.

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