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The Ultimate Guide: Tyrannosaurus rex

The documentary on Discovery Channel dealt with various discoveries made about the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur with a discussion about whether anatomically they were herbivores or carnivores. The claims put forward by evolutionists about the origins of this giant animal are complete fantasy. This is what they claim about the origins of T. Rex:

“Today we know that the ancestors of T. Rex to back to creatures whose skulls were small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. This was the Eoraptor, the oldest and most predatory of the dinosaurs we know from the fossil record. Its most basic adaptations were as developed as in any predatory dinosaur. Its skull has the classic characteristics of predatory dinosaurs among which were the lower jaw. In the middle section of the lower jaw, there was a joint which enabled the jaw to open wide. This allowed it to hold fast pray that was alive and moving. This is the same in all known fossils of a predatory dinosaur. And the Eoraptor is the first instance of the development of this adaptation in the fossil record.”

The words “we know” and “adaptation” that we have put in bold type are special words designed to persuade the viewer to believe the story they are being told. When we think about the claim put forward, it is immediately apparent that the phrase “we know” was used to strengthen the effect of the story that was about to be narrated. First, the difference between this story and the fossil record it depends on is as large as the difference in size between a mountain and a mouse. The story is a large fabrication, the data at hand are negligible and, most importantly, they are separated by 150 million years: Eoraptor lived 228 million years ago and T.Rex lived 67-70 years ago.

Let us think a moment and compare the huge time separation with the story: Consider Eoraptor…. it had a special joint in its jaw to enable it to hold its struggling prey. Now imagine that a period of 150 million years has passed…. and now think of T.Rex coming from a stratum of the fossil record that is 150 million years older…This much larger dinosaur also had this joint in its jaw. Now consider this picture again from the point of view of evolutionist scientists. Can there be any proof for their claims that these giant dinosaurs were separated from each other by 150 million years of time and by countless other differences; can there be any proof that one of them evolved from the other? Have evolutionist scientists been able to offer any proof for such an evolution? Definitely not. These individuals want us to believe the story that both of them have the same joint in their jaws and therefore one must be the ancestor of the other.

The word “adaptation” is an evolutionist concept chosen for this story. Evolutionist scientists want us to imagine that the jaw joint is a special characteristic developed in time and according to conditions in the environment. But do these scientists offer any proof to show that this characteristic evolved? Again, the answer is no. Because they have blindly accepted Darwinism, they label every physiological characteristic of an animal, no matter how complex it may be, as an adaptation determined by blind chance. According to their logic, the human eye, a parrot”s color. A bird”s wing, a fish”s fin, an alligator”s teeth and countless other biological characteristics are labeled “adaptations”, but these labels cannot explain how these characteristics could have come into being through evolution.

In this documentary, the paleontologist, Jack Horner, proposes the same kind of error. Commenting on a dinosaur”s leg bones, he says, “In order to walk, your legs must develop in the process of evolution”. However, this statement cannot be an explanation for legs according to the theory of evolution because only a human being knows that legs are related to walking. Natural selection and mutation that support the evolution theory are completely connected with chance events and, because they are without consciousness, they are processes without purpose. For this reason, neither natural selection, not mutations not the unconscious cells in the body “think” that legs are necessary for walking and evolve towards this goal.

Legs are symmetrical extensions composed of joints, bones and the muscles that support them and they have a wonderful structure designed for movement; and their embryonic development cannot be explained by evolution. An indication of then excellence of their design is that they are one of the basic subjects of robotic research. Scientists wanting to develop the ability to walk in the most advanced robots study the human leg in great detail and try to imitate it as closely as they can. Legs are, after all, two perfectly deigned machines. When we look at a machine, we know that it has been deliberately designed by an engineer.

By the same token, legs have been purposefully designed, that is, they have been created by a Creator. This Creator is Almighty God, the Maker of the whole universe. God states the flawlessness in His creation in the following verse:

“”He is God-the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All Wise.”” (Qur”an, 59: 24)

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